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Written and recorded in New Orleans, LA.


released July 24, 2015



all rights reserved


CARREERRS Beaumont, Texas

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Track Name: In the Band
Coffee stains on my white tee
Just my buddies and me
It's good to be

In the band...

Skinny and pale, Nothing to eat
Got your girl looking at me
It's good to be

In the band...

Coughing up blood losing my teeth
Clinic said I ain't got two weeks
It's good to be

In the band...
Track Name: Save My Place
Blinded by headlights and fame
Forgotten from whence you came

It's easy to see
It's safe to say
you're doing pretty well
It's safe to say
Save my place in line

What i just don't understand
Why you won't give us a hand

It's easy to see
It's safe to say
You're doing pretty well
It's safe to say
When am i gonna get mine...

Don't make me throw you a fit
Just put me on the list

It's easy to see
It's safe to say
You're doing pretty well
It's safe to say
Save my place in line
Track Name: Don't Talk to Me
Don't talk to me
Unless you've got
A cool haircut
And holes in your jeans

Don't talk to me
If you've got
Good hygiene
and all of your teeth
Track Name: Please Sir
Please sir
Don't want it anymore
Please sir
It's just a waste of my time..
Track Name: Resolution
Putting fuel in another engine
Kicking sand over the coals
A finger in hot wax
Wedge in a crack on a log
Swing of a hammer splits
Cold fluid mouthed in high heat
Gushing behind idle eyes looking back
Work of art in the care of a liar
Strength in wild confusion
Thoughts from a head made of concrete
Head slam on steel and crack the whole thing
Carefully shout at a congress of bees
Climbing hair with too much anger
Sliding into justified bewilderment
Wanting the sweet smells and velvet
Resolving to beer and wild words
Track Name: Ride The Waves
stay and ride the waves
this is a stay craze
this is the place
that made us the same
a safe place
caught in the melee
tattered and frayed
wash us away
Track Name: The River
Going down to the river
Sink my feet into the mud
Down and down until i shiver
Dirty water through my blood

All the filth of the human race
Makes it's way slow and long
Drugs and shit and toxic waste
fill my cup and make me strong
Track Name: Alameda
Vagrant dreams of spilling the heads of well-feds
Praying for rain from empty skies
These are the street men, loving nothing
Willing their arms to throw stones
At the ghostwalls, tauntingly silent
A door shuts with anger three miles away
And boxes bust with stomps flattening
Reign in the new day with kings of debris
Two quarters more will be enough
I swear I’m not lying
Only two more
Blinding busglass glare for all faces
Steam exhalation of the chrome beast
The driver turns a wheel and opens a door
“The cost don’t matter, get in.”
A smile and a step
Diffuse light casts no shadow